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    just drive 528 all the way to the ocean, drive south and check spots, conditions and rips will be similar from canaveral to wabasso depending on the wind and swell direction some will be better than others. i saw a shark behind me at canaveral in november, they're there. watching the news there does seem to be more stories of shark bites in south brevard and sebastian inlet more recently.

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    I would say Cocoa, but depends on how old you are...don't get into the back of any vans, not even if the guy offers you a free surfboard.

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    My advice is to man up. Take some chances. Don't try to find the "safest" beach, specially in regards to sharks. You're more likely to be killed by lightening than a shark. Put a little adventure in your life. Sure, the boat is safe in the harbour, but thats not what boats are for.

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    If you're worried about sharks, maybe you've picked the wrong hobby. I'm not saying be stupid about it, like paddling out into a whole school of bull sharks, or hitting up Recife in Brazil. And not saying I've got the stones of Mark Healey, or even some of the guys on this forum that can see the grey triangle and just ignore it...but the fact is the same thing that makes good breaks attracts the things sharks like to eat. If you're in shark central be aware of course, but if you're looking at a nicely breaking wave and worrying about sharks...maybe this sport isn't for you.

    They may be concentrated in places like SI and New Smyrna but they are everywhere. Largest tiger shark ever caught was off the Cherry Grove pier in N Myrtle Beach, and that's not exactly a hot spot for sharks.

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    Don't surf in Florida - we are the shark bite capital of the world. Even nurse sharks will bite down here - I think the warm water pisses them off. If you do go out, don't go during dawn, dusk, after dark, when ever you see bait, when ever you see birds bombing bait, when ever the water is murky, and don't ever go out alone. Don't piss in the water either - that will attract them just like blood. Stay away from piers and jettyies and any where there are fishermen or boats because their bait will attract them for miles. Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando has shark free surf. You'll love it brah.

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    typhoon lagoon safe spot for no sharks

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    If you are worried just check out and type in the names Mary Lee, Genie, and Katharine. Those are the ONLY Great White sharks on the east coast and they are tagged. (Insert Sarcastic Emoticon here) Actually Katharine is really close to the Florida coastline and has been for weeks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdub17 View Post
    Very true ^ - but what are the odds I would see it before it sees me?!
    Don't blink!

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    Cocoa Beach by far is the safest from that list. Wabasso and Vero are shark havens. Sebastian Inlet has been known to have alligators come out through the inlet to feed (true story). Cocoa Beach will also have a higher percentage of slower prey with mullets and wearing beaver tails in the lineup. Safety in numbers.

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    There are no waves here, and if you worried about sharks, you need to start skateboarding.