My luck has sucked this year. That and I am not paying attention.

1) Paddled out without zipping up my suit. On what was a record breaking day for low temperature since the 90s or something. Realize after about 20 min in the water and had a hard time zipping up with wet 7 mil lobster claws.
2) I got a crazy bruise on my armpit. Putting the board on the roof of my truck, standing on the tire with booties covered in snow and slush, slipped off and slammed my armpit on the door hinge.
3) Got out after a surf, start the truck up, somehow lock myself out while its running. Phone, towels, keys (obviously), everything in the running truck except me.
4)Driving through the parking lot, towards the sun, snow everywhere. I was snow blind, drove right into 2 or 3 feet of snow that got plowed to one side of the parking lot and I got stuck.
5) I keep my board in my garage, garage door got frozen shut. Then I finally bust it open and now it wont close. Its an automatic door opener so it would close, then go back up. Couldn't figure it out.
6)All the salt they throw down for the snow was all over my truck, including the windshield. Seeing was pretty hard so I after a surf I throw water on the windshield and turn the wipers on the clean it (my windshield washer sprayer thing has never worked). The water turned to slush in about 2 swipes of the wipers, making the whole seeing situation worse.
and lastly 7) Another really cold day, I am getting into the water but before I make it to the water I slip on icey sand and bust my backside then have the shore break slam on me while I am down.

Today I was thinking about all this and had a good laugh. Thought some of you other cold water/weather guys might find this humorous also, or even better have similar stories so I could feel better about myself