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    get something that is fun regardless of waves. Flat water SUP, kayak, canoe, and when it gets warmer some swim fins. The ocean is full of endless opportunities to have an enjoyable day, with an open mind you will find yourself complaining less about flat days and small surf on the computer and actually enjoying the ocean for what it is.
    ^^^^I want a pole spear.

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    ^^^^I want a pole spear.
    Spear fishing is one of the things I am excited to pick up upon moving back here. I snorkled within arms reach of big ol' tog for 15 minutes at matunuck one day, since then I have contemplated purchasing a spear... hopefully this summer

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    I got out for an hour or so late Friday afternoon off 1st Street. Preparations were in progress for VB's annual Polar Plunge the next day. It had been almost a week since my last time out, and I just had to get in the water - surf or no surf.
    As I was going in, a gent about my age (late 50s) with a green longboard was leaving. "It's the shift change!" he called out. He had been the only one in the water. Now, it was just me.
    There wasn't much: 2 ft maybe and seemed to be getting more jumbled and disorganized by the minute. Hard getting situated. Lots of paddling around. Good workout though. Was able to milk maybe 7-8 short rides out of the slop.
    Water was 39, and the air was 37 by the time I was back in the parking lot, rushing and hopping around, struggling out of my suit and strapping the board on the car. People came by asking how cold the water was and probably thinking that I was nuts and old enough to know better. I was colder out of the water than in. The wetsuit/water temp charts say it was well below the limit for my old 4/3 suit, but the suit's been working OK for an hour or so as long as it's not too windy. Got good boots and gloves. Do the best with what you have.
    In the end it was was all good. Driving home at dusk, I was glad I had made the effort.
    May do same today, if wife doesn't drop a load of "honey-do's" on me...

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    Yeah with a fun board. Sometimes it's really fun going out in tiny waves