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    Who puts their board behind another car?? Did he have a problem with you after?

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    I stay away from crowds and pretty much only paddle out with my peeps, so if something happens and something gets dinged we just sort it out. If I dinged a stranger's board and it was my fault for being a kook, I'd offer to pay for it. If a stranger dinged my board it would depend on the situation...if it's some kid\decent dude\hot chick who doesn't know any better and doesn't cop an attitude when I try to explain what they did wrong then I'd probably cut them some slack. If someone's being a **** then I know they aren't going to pay for it in any case so the conversation would be different from the start. At that point I use my massive mind control powers and summon a giant squid to gang rape them.

    As for the OPs question...not your fault if the idiot leaves the board behind your car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcsears17314 View Post
    any and all other surfers are absolved when a kook gets his stick mangled by a vehicle... who leaves an unattended board behind a vehicle other than one's own... as far as dings in the water... part of the game... u could get a bic and just go all aggro... those things are tanks, hard to ding
    I don't even leave my board behind my own vehicle....any more. I almost backed over it after a couple of post session one hits. Had the car running with the CD player cranking, put it in reverse, and just before i took my foot off the brake, a little voice in my head said, "Duuuuude!" So don't have a lot of sympathy for someone who leaves it up to the caution of others to make sure their board is unscathed in a parking lot full of vehicles.

    BTW, almost all my dings happen on land. Once I get wet I am all grace and style (in my mind). On land not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    Like my dad always said, "I brought you into this world and can take you out. And, make another one just like you"
    I didn't know we were brothers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicharronne View Post
    I didn't know we were brothers.
    Yeah, he thought he took me out but I was still alive and dug myself out of the shallow grave. Haha! Joke's on him. Now he's got 2 brats.

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    I paid for a ding I caused once. in OB, SF I took off- noticed i was gonna get closed out and reversed directions (without being able to really look first) and put my fins over a chick longboarder that had no chance to get out of my way.

    Apologized- realized she was the GF or friend or something of a guy who had a ding repair shop nearby- so it made it easy- told her i'd drop off 20 bucks at the shop and said it was for her when she came in with her board.

  7. I was surfing 110th street in stone harbor once, i was like twelve on a brand new fun shape, and some dude paddling behind me smashed into the bottom of my board as we were going over a wave (it was real crowded)... left 2 huge dings right between the fins. He offered to pay for it right off the bat, real nice guy. I declined, however looking at the board now, a good repair would have been nice. A 12 yr old doing repair jobs, no bueno.

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    Well if two cars get into a scrape in a parking lot from an insurance point of view each owner is responsible for their own damage 99% of the time unless something like alcohol is involved. It is what is called a not at fault accident. In your case man the owner of the board was negligent and therefore liable for his own board and the damage caused. This is difference if you hit a person.

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    Replace the surfboard with a baby. Who would be at fault? The person who didn't bother to check behind their car for a baby? Or the parent who placed their baby behind a car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    Yeah, he thought he took me out but I was still alive and dug myself out of the shallow grave. Haha! Joke's on him. Now he's got 2 brats.
    we'll have the last laugh as we throw dirt on his face. Of course he'll have to be alive or it would defeat the whole purpose.