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    Spend some time with your folks

    My folks are in their mid-eighties, as are my wife's. My mother-in-law is very ill, in ICU, and we will likely be losing her within a week. They live in central NY.
    I just wanted to tell you younger guys (I'm 58) that if possible, spend time with your folks while they're still able to enjoy it. Go fishing or boating with your dad. Those were things my dad and I enjoyed doing together. We also enjoyed snorkeling and body surfing. We both loved the water - salt or fresh. Ended up with all sorts of crazy stories which my mom still wonders how we survived. My dad always had a great sense of humor and is sort of a cross between Abe Lincoln and Kramer (from Seinfeld) in both appearance and action - if you can envision that. My 18 year old son said that the other day, and it really fit.
    My dad would love to continue doing all those things, but he really can't anymore, at least not safely. It's hard watching your parents age. So enjoy doing things with them while you still can, so you don't regret it later. Someone mentioned this to me years ago. I took it to heart as best I could while trying to raise my own family, and am glad that I did. Still, I can't help but wish that I had done more. Time passes so quickly - even more so as one gets older.

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    thanks for posting

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    If your P's live near you, then you're lucky. Mine are on the azzcrack of Bama. I go at least twice a year, but for only a weekend. I'd like it if they came up here but they can't drive and haven't been on a plane this century. I'd hate to have my dad tazed by the TSA because he still thinks this is the same 'Merka he served for 30 years.

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    That's the truth DosXX. Glad to say that I see my parents on a regular basis, super close with my mom, sisters and my nieces and nephew.

    Not looking for intranet sympathy here, but actually lost my uncle last weekend, my mom's oldest brother. He in many ways is responsible for introducing me to surfing, as he had a condo in RI that we used to go to when I was a kid. After our first time staying there, my mom would haul me up every weekend as I was (obviously) immediately hooked. My point is that the past week especially I've been spending alot of qt w/ my mom and the rest of the fam. It kinda freaked me out to see the first of that generation go. So, thanks Mom, and thanks and RIP to my Uncle Mario. They gave me a gift that will help me cope with the hardships of life for the remainder of my time.