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    No, your missing what I'm saying. It is a necessary tool but it creates a massive disconnect with reality these days. People focus on dollars rather then people, allowing the basic necessities for human survival to go by the way side. That can only be sustainable for so long (or so short on the universal time scale) before the entire planet sh!ts the bed and no human can sleep in it.

    I think around 1933 the U.S. gov made every citizen (or tried to) turn in all of their gold, at the same time making our money "legal tender"; meaning, up to that point, a bank would exchange it for gold or silver. Gold and silver have real value, our "legal tender" has a "trusted" value. When the sh!t hits the fan, your coveted "legal tender" will be worthless. The gov knows this and that's why they whore up as much gold as they can.
    And the muh fuggers are still enforcing it too.

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    Those coins were stolen 85 years ago

    Quote Originally Posted by chicharronne View Post
    And the muh fuggers are still enforcing it too.

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    oh contrare mon frare. About 30 years ago the wifey tried to turn in some "silver certificates", but the bank just wanted to trade dollar for dollar.

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    Ok...But those coins were stolen 85 years ago.

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    then my wife's in the clear!

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    Thumbs down saber rattling

    this situation could go really bad. at the expense of being called a fear monger i think
    the young guys should get their head around the concept of a draft and what it implies...

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    Draft? Who needs a draft be and man and volunteer.

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    In the words of Kent Brockman, 'I've said it before and I'll say it again, Democracy just doesn't work." If it has become a farce in our country, what makes people think it'll work in a land where they've only known rule under the Tartars, Mongols, Tzars, Soviets, and corrupt Oligarchs? Same in the middle east, those people would not know democracy if it jumped up and punched them in the face.
    Wait a minute, what the f@ck does this have to do with surfing anyways?

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    arguing about who should rule who in the Ukraine (or anywhere) is like discussing the fastest horse in the glue factory.... the idea of having leaders is as distasteful as slavery and cannibalism

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandblasters View Post
    Draft? Who needs a draft be and man and volunteer.
    volunteer to fight a bankster war so others can get rich? This debacle is all about IMF control in Ukraine.