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    Thinking of taking a trip up to Maine in May and need suggestions

    I really want to go on a camping/surfing trip up in Maine this year. I was thinking May would be the best time for me because it's right when I end school and hopefully there would be some spring swell leftovers. I was thinking of york because it seems like there are good camping options near the beach. My biggest concern is wave quality in york. I'm definitely expecting small waves, but would it still be fun on a mini simmons or fish? Also is long sands my best bet for waves or are there other fun spots?

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    Stay as far away as you can from the barns up there.

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    may I ask why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lipride20 View Post
    may I ask why?
    It's easy to get caught in the overgrown vines up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Stay as far away as you can from the barns up there.
    Very sound advice right here. Especially if you are a latex dummy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Stay as far away as you can from the barns up there.
    I actually received an infarction for this from Simod666. Are you kiddn me Micah...?!

    The guy in Maine, our lil chucka-boo-boo, posts vines on this forum of him beating a latex dummy in a Maine barn while shrieking "yankee" over & over. I don't complain; I believe it's freedom of speech, and besides who cares, really?

    Well, apparently this Stalin-esque Simod666 character is deeply offended because he's running around playing traffic cop on a surfing forum. EH....?

    I issue a warning to the dood to stay away from said barns. Uh, there's a connection there, right...? Between boo-boo beating latex dummies, threatening other humans & posting vines in re; said activity...?

    And I get the infarction for trolling...? Welcome to the funhouse, where the mirrors ARE the reality kidz.

    Lighten up, Francis, whoever the fug you are. You are abusing your authority; in particular the anonymous gutless way you go about it is un-American & fairly chicken shiiiite.

    You'll probably ban me for telling the truth, but get real: you go around hiding behind your cloak of anonymity imposing your totally incorrect infarctions on your whims.

    This thread was actually witty, with several funny posts by several long-time posters based on the history of this forum. Until you stepped in & took a large dump of abused authority on all of us.
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    If you hear the words parallel profile run.

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    don't let the nattering nabobs of negativity bug 'ya. it IS ok to ask. i don't want to out any spots but
    i can tell you we family-camped in freeport at the 'recompense shore compound at wolves neck farm'
    which is a marvelous oceanfront farm. on the west side at the bridge you can catch southerly swell
    from the bay hitting an outgoing tide which produces a standing wave thats a blast to sup or kayak.

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    I think you'll be fine in York. It's a little less quaint than other towns, but you'll be close to several breaks. York, Ogunquit (might be the best beach break in So. ME), Kennebunk, etc. Kittery has some spots too, and a nice downtown and restaurant scene.

    I'll be the nice guy. The warnings being issued to you are pokes at one of our favorite contributors who hails from York. He's a wild man. If you have a few spare hours search for Charles Taylor.

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    It's not a bad spot to go to considering all the other breaks nearby, NH included. It's a nice wide beach so people are spread out too. There's a killer spot nearby that only works on really specific conditions once in a blue moon, and when it does it will be locals only. If you don't mind driving a little there a good spots even further north like Goose Rocks and Old Orchard. Unless you're looking at a spring swell a longboard may be your best bet. Maine could potentially offer the best waves on the East Coast if Cape Cod wasn't in the way.