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    Lewis Samuels/ASP/Power Rankings/CJ Hobgood

    For those who didn't hear about this: The ASP asked Lewis Samuels to write power rankings for Snapper and this upcoming season (for those who don't know who LS is, google him). They posted the first round then took them down about a day later because of complaints from some of the surfers.

    So, CJ asked Samuels to write one for him:

    The ASP asked Lewis Samuels to write Power Rankings for them, but then removed them when some of the surfers objected. So I asked Lewis to write something for me to post here:
    “Few venues have been as selectively cruel to a world champ as the Gold Coast has been to CJ Hobgood. Sure, Sunset Beach hates Kelly Slater as much as Kelly hates Sunset. But the tour doesn’t kick off at Sunset. Instead, each season dawns on the sticky sheets of the Snapper, at an event seemingly engineered by a higher power to kick CJ Hobgood squarely in his ageing Southern nuts. Over the last decade, CJ has gotten axed in Round 2 or 3 with Job-like consistency, minus a couple Quarters finishes, in ’05 and ’09, which served primarily as a tease. Some dismiss it as another bowl-splattering case of Regularfoot’s Revenge, but CJ’s routine ejections in the draw’s irritable bowels go beyond anti-goofy bias. Wright, Logie, Buchan and other screwfoots shine at Snapper, while CJ rarely finds rhythm. Some years it looks like equipment problems, other years it looks like he’s forcing turns or missing combos, his Kirra Curse clouding his lines. Hell, maybe the sinner’s feast of bare, young flesh writhing on the beach short-circuits something in his brain. If the tour kicked off in God’s Country – Fiji or Tahiti – CJ wouldn’t start each season from down in the hole. But the tour starts down under, leaving Hobgood ever-grasping towards another unlikely dream: Gold Coast redemption.” @asp #itson”

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    i saw this earlier today...just proves how great cj hobgood actually is. i'd love to know exactly which surfers were *****ing about it. i mean, i can guess, but i'd like to know for sure.

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    Wow!! I think I'll add him to my team. That has to light a fire under his aging Southern ass.