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Thread: Ding Repair

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    Make sure it's above 50 degrees where you repair it. Still cold up here. I did my last repair in a shed with heaters running, worked great.

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    If its a deep ding you may want to add a little powdered filler or even a small piece of cloth. When you're done filling the ding put a clear piece of tape over it. This will allow it to dry more to the contour of the board and you won't have to sand as much.

    SunCure is good stuff on the go but if you can use the regular resin for sizeable repairs.

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    Thats a very easy fix to do yourself, a $12 kit has enough to do that repair three or four times over.

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    That's a good little kit.... probably all you'll need. Has the little packet of powdered filler in it too.