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    I showed up after work and there was still a group of fishermen and surfers making their presence felt. I think if nothing else, their committment will at least make the conversation when next year's contract comes back around.WP_001921.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    Sometimes you can lose a battle but still live on and regroup to wage and win the war.

    1. Enlist the support of influential women. Men are good at yelling and making bold statements, but most women I have met are more passionate and effective at waging a long term campaign on a grassroots level.

    2. Find a sympathetic journalist to document your efforts, and events.

    3. Enlist the groms: they own social media. Someone up there should read "Twitter for Good" (or "Tweet for Good" - I forget the exact title). It is a textbook on how to launch a grassroots campaign through twitter and develop online strategies for non-profits, written by a Twitter exec.

    Don't give up. Learn from the past. They are very organized and ruthless. You must organize and enlist stakeholders, journalists and scientists to show the powers that be that they are wrong. It is not your job to promote any alternatives, just to show that what they are doing is harmful to the public's enjoyment of the public's recreational resources paid for by the public's taxes. It starts to change slowly, but the goal is that on new projects not yet slated, they come to you for your opinions first. Then you (with scientific facts) come up with alternatives and they listen, rather that go through a long and costly public debate. This way you can modify and mitigate their BS dredge and fill projects, and they can still do them and make money. They just won't be as harmful, and won't have to be done as often.
    I forgot to add: many groms need community hours for school or cause they got in trouble. In fact, one of my best friends and a true gentleman and good all around guy, I met when he needed hours for a DWI. Word of extreme caution to those that can issue community service hours for those that need it due to legal issues. A guy who works the beach cabana service and is an artist and an environmentalist had a foundation, and got pressured/asked by friends who were in trouble to give out vouchers for community hours not served. He got caught. He will do time. It is a shame. Sorry to digress.

    It is not a "done deal" until it is done. I have heard done deal many times, and it is out of the a88 of state or county officials who are trying to justify their jobs/budget, but really don't know or don't want to acknowledge what goes on above their level of authority. You can always go over someones head if you have the right contacts and can push the right buttons. I don't know the particular details of this project, but I can promise you that there is a way to at least stall it, modify it, and bring together your community so that you can have a greater impact on future proposed beach dredge and fill projects (renourish uses the root word nourish: those that define the situation control the situation - it is a sand moving project that causes turbidity and alters water clarity and smothers reefs, alters the waves, changes the color, texture and temperature of the resulting beach sand, which makes it not really warm, fuzzy and nourishing ). I'd like to expound more but I gotta go. PM me if you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkbug View Post
    Where do you surf? Obviously not in this area when it's 8 foot and barreling
    Oh that's right, you are probably surfing close out barrel shore break post replenishment
    At least the photos looks good on surfline.
    "justin curtis" is just trolling. What he's saying doesn't even make any sense.