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Thread: I hate.......

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    I hate Hillary Clinton:

    on a side note, I feel bad for these people int he video, they are obviously upset

    thank you ONN for making light of their plights (sarc)

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    Texting while driving.

    "In this accident there was a collision with a 18-wheeler and a car. The driver in the car had been texting and not paying attention to the road, ending up getting on the left side of the road. With that the car was completely smashed in the front and almost completely to the back. When help arived the driver of the car was in two pieces..."

    That and carnies. "Smell like cabbage...small hands."

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    I hate that guy in the line up who is always b1tching about the wave being too small or too choppy or whatever else when Im catching good ones and having fun. Quit complaining or go in. Either way quit trying to kill my stoke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    I hate blowing out my knee for the 2nd time
    Painkillers, feeling dope sick and fuzzy
    Giant needles, needles in general; but the giant ones suck especially hard.

    Staring at the surf report and realizing how many weeks it's gonna be and how I'm gonna miss Todos this spring
    Damn it man, sorry to hear that. Get well soon. Watch them pain killers, brotha, Ive seen them take good men. down

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    Greed. It's the cause of the majority of life's annoyances and problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnargnarshredda View Post
    -the fact that no cop seems to enforce the "No Swimming Within 500' of Pier" "law", but has a hard-on for the 200' marker.
    -my nips getting ripped off by the super sticky wax all the cool guys are usin now-a-days
    -turtle d*ick from this effed up winter and cold water
    -Justin Bieber
    -onshore/sideshore wind
    quit yer cryin' and go change yer tam-poon.

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    I hate going through Nicotine withdrawal. I had to quit the Long Cut. My gums are gone. Stay away from that stuff kiddies.
    I hate taking x-rays at the dentist. They jam that little piece of plastic in there.

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    Not only do I hate you, I don't trust you because you like cats. Cats are covert operatives sent by Russia to infiltrate our society, lives, homes, and even social media. My respect for you sir is gone.......

    also, the fact you tooted your own horn didn't help much either

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    Come on man, cats are cool.

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    I hate
    over hyped swells
    South Jersey
    "Hurricane Season last year"
    Freezing water
    ****head crowds
    Avalon Fgts
    NJ pros that are assholes
    summer flat spells