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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    thanks guys that was big help casue when i even go out on waist high days i'm afraid to catch anything just cause i'm so afraid of rebreaking it again on the sandbar. But the dude that repaired it said it shouldnt break only if i really try but if it should break it would be on the side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by conway View Post
    are you refering to me? i didnt hit the sandbar, i think it was either from a hack attempt or from running over masons leash. and its an old board too, way past its prime. i need to put some sun cure or something on it.
    I was talkin to wbsurfer bro, you hadn't entered your reply until right before I replied so I didn't see it...

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    i always have that fear
    you just gotta buy a really cheap used board and ride the crap outta it for like a week
    then go surf your favortie board and you wont be afraid

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    if youre scared to ride due to any reason, broken board, almost drowning, sharks, etcetera etcetera. youve already lost and should just quit. and if youre breaking your fins on the sand bar its cuz your riding dinky shorebreaks. so either start sponging or stop trying to surf that junk