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Thread: Job Positions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dune View Post
    I wish I could be safety engineer but I live way too hard to have 5-15 yrs experience.
    This is a quality post. Fine work, Dunebuggy.

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    Too far north for me, but that would be a fun place to live.

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    Smile nice gesture

    Quote Originally Posted by delawaredell View Post
    We have several positions at the Mid Atlantic Region Spaceport that will be open in the near future for qualified individuals. Please PM me only if you have relevant experience and are willing to locate near chincoteague.
    The reason I'm posting on here is because its hard to find people who want to live in this area full time, and I believe that contrary to what people may think, surfers tend to be dedicated individuals. And people always cry that it's hard to find decent jobs close to the beach, so here's a chance. Maybe I can hire someone else to surf with before or after work.

    Senior Techs (3), has experience in cryo and high pressure systems
    Entry Engineer (1), general 4 year degree engineering education 0-3 yrs experience
    Safety Engineer (1), has safety experience, and 5-15 yrs experience
    IT guru (1), responsible for standardizing and maintaining network/database/calendar/email systems for 50+ employees;
    we can all benefit from this type of post - so if i was srfn w/delawaredell - i would defer to
    him on the set wave - simply cause he's a nice guy.

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    I've replied to all PMs, thanks to those who have responded maturely. For the future, please feel free to PM me if there are folks interested in living/working down here or general info. Wallops is really doing some great things, and I'm glad I made the move over a year ago.