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    3/2 Excel Drylock with detachable hood on Tuesday in NJ

    After getting tired of trying to paddle with my full 5/4 the last couple of swells I decided to man-up and go to my 3/2 yesterday.

    The 3mm part of the suit was fine and paddling was much more fluid but the 2mm sections of the suit did absolutely nothing against the 42 degree water. 4/3 should be fine now....

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    I used to start wearing a 2 mil gooru with gloves and boots mid april when the weather was warm. I am further north than you, but this winter has been a cold one, so I dont see myself getting into a thinner suit anytime soon.

    It's one thing to man up, its another to be stupid. Watch yourself and that hypothermia, shes a *****

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    dude... I mean thanks for the experiment but anyone who has been in the water in ny/nj as of late could have told you the 3/2 was not going to cut it yet.
    cue the random people who have been in a 3/2 since january. lol.

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    I've used a 3/2 in late april when I left my 5/4 at my friends house in RI. A little bit cold but bearable if you layer in nylon stuff.

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    I was thinking about trunking it by early next week now that water temps are well above 35

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayduke Lives View Post
    Watch yourself and that hypothermia, shes a *****
    a symptom of its onset is finding yourself suddenly snapping out of a daydream.

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    Been wearing my 4/3 hooded Drylock since mid march, used my 3/2 in late April in the past but a 4/3 is so much better