funny thing about religious people are they act like they read the bible,and live opposite.thou shalt not judge,hey fuk said adam and eve and they say it doesn't say adam and steve.well where does it say molest ur neighbors 7yr old son?they act superior and think they are better than everyone else,but at the end of the day we are all the same.u should be smart not to follow fairy tales.u know in a library,the bible is listed under the fiction section.i was religious for yrs,but after being around those kinds of people and seeing how they interact I decided I did not belong to their fairy club.the guy who turned me onto religion who was a very nice guy I met in county,he never said what he did or why hes in there,but I saw his face on the front page of the tribune one day and it said serial rapist sentenced to 85 years.the guy was in his 40s,so that's basically life,and when u read the details on what he would do,it made me sick to my stomach.

joe swanson says to the dolphin,not all Asians are bad drivers...yea well not every muslim is a terrorist,but u know,they are...same to christiantiy