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    Trip to Puerto Rico

    I am looking to go to Puerto Rico this summer (June or July). Will their be any surf this time of year? Where would be the best location and board if their happens to be any surf. What other activities do you recommend? What is the best place to stay, or where to stay? I would say that I am beginner to intermediate. (Can stand up and ride down line easily.) Thanks to all who contribute!
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    Well Vincent the swell season is over for PR

    Chances are it will be flat the entire your there

    Stay in Rincon...Rincon Inn

    Find some frankincense and join tinder to take advantage of all the fine PR women lookin' to get shaked or shacked by gringos

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    How's it going. I was there a year ago, an there's spots where there's usually always some good offshore. I didn't make it to San Juan but close to fajardo there's a good longboard spot called la selva. It's AWESOME, but it's a reef break which I'm not use too, but the rights just roll in all day and right into a channel that's great to paddle straight back to the outside. If it's a short board or fish your riding there's a town called luquillo that you can see from la selva. Be prepared because la selva means jungle and it's a pretty rad drive through some jungle to get there. I'm use to driving my tacoma but was still with balls able to make it in a rental car. If your going for sure will hook you up with some buds that I met there that are surf guides, board rental and they'll paddle out an put you in the waves. If you give a Puerto Rico address you can get ten % off plane tickets. It's worth it. Definitely my favorite place of all time even without surf. See if you can find la selva surf shop located in Philipp. WNW side of the island. Like I said if your for sure goin I can get you Bob's number. I highly recommend going, you'll never want to leave as there's mangos an seafood everywhere

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    Thanks a lot! I'm really looking into this , and will probably do it. Do you recommended the west side for summer surfing? I Looked up those two spots and they look good, where are the best spots to rent,, I just don't see paying to bring boards.

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    summertime is actually the best season for pr,but not really.its basically the same set up as the eastcoast. our groundswells come from the carribean,the winter small period swells come from the Midwest.the hurricanes usually strengthen when they move towards the carribean and their spots handle that long period energy a lot better.but our winter season on the eastcoast doesn't really contribute to the carribean,sometimes it does,but not always.its a gamble.

    ur best bet would be central America for june/july.ur a beginner so id suggest costa rica,plenty of user friendly waves,somewhat crowded,but if ur not looking to score epic empty barrels by yourself then its a good start.

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    stay in isabella to rincon if you want waves. swells peak in winter but you might get something at shallow breaks like marias and domes. jobos usually has something to ride too. best bet bring a grovler or something fishy