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    Some good ones already!

    Heres some skating and woods from the dudes over at sitka.

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    2:40 he almost gets to 'know' that tree. kinda gnarly sic setup

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    super sic:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    super sic:
    Nice pick dude, been about a decade since I saw those clips.... If you haven't already, check out the Bones Brigade Autobiography. Rodney has a pretty interesting story about how it all started and he goes into explaining some of his autism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassMon View Post

    Think I figured it out. This guy has always been my favorite surfer. His roundhouse cutback is so freaking smoove and stylish
    Yes bro. The dropped back hand on the backside turn as he changes a level is sickness. Looks like a layback but not. Dude sets rail like butter.

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    You guys rule! Thanks for the stooooooke! Tomorrow should be off the hook! My boogieboard is all waxed up and ready to shred.

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    That's a great Mullen video. The backgrounds are dope and every film should have good scenes but most don't. He's so damn skilled.

    Bones Brigade is an awesome movie. One of the best and yes the story they tell is just like Bustin Down The Door.

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    Always loved this clip...riding a 5'4" in waves of consequence...calling himself a lazy surfer then getting the axe...

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    More Cold Water East Coast with you coffee this morning

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    Saw this one for the first time a few years ago... Glen Horn, Seeking for a New Port