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You really have drank the Kool aid homey
I dont know how to help you, enjoy your govmt, you earned it
I mean, you think that the nation as a whole doesn't do a pretty good job going after violent criminals and drugs? Our prisons are full of drug offenders and people who have committed gun crimes. I mean, the war on Pot even in the country is insane. throwing 18 years old in jail for possession. Giving kids 5 years for distro.

I mean, are there really any "drug cartels" left in this country? Not to my knowledge. Yeah, there are dealers in every city to provide for the fiends. But there is really no one in the US that runs the drug game. Mexico runs it up to Chicago and its widely distributed and the Feds run all over the place trying to stop it.

If there is one thing I will say out government puts a lot of effort into, its fighting the ridiculous drug war and throwing people win guns in jail for a long time...