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    Favorite tail shape?

    Hey, just wondering what everyone likes best for a tail shape, or if maybe there's some general consensus to a "best" shape? I'm looking at selling a board and have my sights set on a Panda Fried Till You Die, which comes in either a swallow or a round and a little bit pin-ish tail. I'm guessing the swallow tail would be better for east coast summer waves?

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    I have fallen hard for the "Dimond" it shortens the rail length while still allowing the tail to come back to a point.

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    I'd have to say, based on aesthetics alone, it's the swallow tail. Nothing like a good piece of split tail.

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    The shape of your tail = how you surf.....square tail you surf sharp and cutting, round tail you surf more flowing.......shape of your tail determines how you turn.

    Just got a bat tail love it. dont know why.

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    BBPh - I've got a fatty 5'6 with a bat tail. Let me know what you think of that after a few sessions bro.

    The two SBs I ride the most other than my retro are diamonds.

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    for new jersey i find myself using a 5'5 diamond tail most often, in florida waves i tend to prefer the swallow tail for mainly backside surfing

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    the only tail that i can notice a difference on is a classic pintail. all others are tomato/tomato, chicano/chicano.

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    I think the round or pin tail is the most versatile in surfing. Regardless of the surf's size, I think its the all around best. I road what was basically a thurster fish that was a 5'9x20 with a round tail and having the round tail really eliminated the squirliness of the fish shape. It was a high performance shred machine that turned on a dime. I think throwing a roundy on any shape will give you plenty of speed and control.

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