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    The SI HOF lineup

    Ok, yet another time wasting while its flat thread...

    Post up your HOF lineup with reasons.


    Yankee: He suffers no fools, which is always good to have in a lineup. And he can throw out so much dark side energy even the men in gray suits will keep their distance. Yank in the lineup = no fools, no fins.

    dlrouen: He's the most interesting man in the world. Word has it he always has at least 2-3 smoking hot babes just hanging around floating with him, and he has a mountain lion, how cool is that? I think he taught it to surf too.

    SeldomSeen: The dude abides, the dude abides. And that's always a good thing to have in the lineup. Any fin that somehow makes it past yank's force field will be instantly calmed by SS's chillness. I've seen it, the wildlife will just come up docile as a lamb, even let you pet them.

    Doug: Like the USMC, he never leaves a man down. You get your board snapped, leash wrapped, held down, and circled by toothy beasts and Doug will paddle right through them sumbeetches, knife in one hand fending off the beasts, and pull you out.

    Sandblasters: He's a 5th degree master 7th Dan of the Carolina Cutback, the most difficult and awesome move any surfer could ever even dare to attempt. Just watching him pull it off will leave you in awe and talking about it for years. You can tell the grand kids you saw it, and its real. And he might even give out a few tips on how to pull it off.

    Brewengineer: He makes beer. Beer is good. Therefore he makes good. Always has a kegger of homebrew floating in the lineup. And if it's flat b\t sets we can geek out talking about physics.

    Rcarter: So I can keep him away from my Mom.

    Just my quick list. Too many honorable mentions to list...Erock, since he's the only one who actually surfs on this site. Chavez, since he has the best rack on the planet. Don't care it he's a guy, that pair is perfect. etc. etc...

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    Thanks tlokien, I'll pick up where you left off:

    Chavez(ctd): Because he's the man and we need more outlaws. Plus he'd probly lurk around the Pine Barrens w/ me. And he's a hunter who understands the need for apex predators.

    tlokien: We gotta figure out how to get that dry doob past the impact zone so we could discuss the interesting things in life, such as UFO's.

    LBCrew: The man is a fountain of knowledge regarding surfboard design and an all around positive dude.

    SJB/PJB: We need an intermediary with the seagulls, and protection from Bogeton Wolftucks.

    more to follow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlokein View Post
    Ok Chavez, since he has the best rack on the planet. Don't care it he's a guy, that pair is perfect. etc. etc...
    lust if you must but when the SI LOLLIPOP sails he's bunking with me. will trade for alana.

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    How did I miss this thread? Maybe I was in purgatory at the time.

    I'm deeply honored, T. You The Man. Tremendous list. Seldom is The Voice Of Reason. Keeps that mental case farkshunter in his cage & on his meds.

    You see, Hawkfart, there is something for you to aspire to after all.

    I'm putting Pumpmaster's chip in the ring, and Leethestud, too. Vets & Legends both. Also think ya gotta include MIS: the man has rapier wit (following that, wayne?), he's succinct, he's like a stealth fighter but without the massive fuel consumption.

    Mitchell for his overall no-shiiiite knowledge of mid-Atlantic breaks & proper boards & he's a great surfer but you'd never know it from him.

    Youth patrol: 757 & KillaKiel. Don't nobody mess with these dudes: cool heads & serious riders.

    Gotta have Spicoli: at first, this guy was kinda nutso de facto. Taking his laptop to Centro & logging on here to post, it was odd, ok? Over time, though, he's become one of the SI Forum studhorse legends. He's passionate about surfing & travels to find swell, he cuts the dipshiiiites when they need cutting & he's on his game intellectually. No telling what else he's on, but Spicoli has def earned my vote.
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    How did anyone miss this tread? Including me. Must have been all the toilet floating around the forum lately. A ton of stupid rubbish that has not been worth the time during a very busy week has kept me from attentiveness to tread detail.

    Ocean's Fifteen

    ESE swell 4.8ft @ 11s with 3.2kts out of the NNW at this beach break with a headland offering tight lefts. Partly sunny and 68F at low to mid-incoming and 61F in the drink. There are 2 hours and 8 minutes to sunset and a gaggle of wahines sit up in the dunes to watch this all-time lineup make virtual history.

    Erock: Best damn surfer at this break. Also rumored to be the only damn brah that really surfs.

    mitchell: Dude is no spring chicken and still gleams the cube on the reg. He charges in all temps and his career clearly lacks a progression because it's basically all prime.

    LBCrew: The Yoda of SI and dude doesn't just know almost everything, he can rip too. Humble excellence that gives karmic balance to all the renegades around him.

    zaGaffer: This bro has dedicated his life to surfing and has basically seen/done it all. Thanks to advances in prosthesis, his career will never come to an end.

    Doug: Guy finds more meaning of life in the drink than any of us could ever wish to. While he gets shack after shack that aren't always easy, he just makes it look that way. On the heaviest days, when everyone else takes one, he takes two.

    mattyb: A true American hero. He stands for everything that surfing makes right out of previous wrongs.

    sandblasters: He may have a looser grip on the spoken version of the King's English than I do up here, but this cat can catch a wave on anything, more than the whole garage quiver from Fair Bits. His quintessential localism keeps the waters perhaps not clean, but at least the same shade as the day before.

    zach619: The most technical student of stoke SI has ever seen. He hasn't just discovered the way of the thruster, he knows the right breadth of rubber to throw on in any swell and is the only surfer ever to be accepted as a local wherever he goes.

    yankee: More localist support to back up the fine suthna and this dude's seen enough green face in PR/CR to have a bag full of tricks for lesser breaks.

    rcarter: Every crowd needs an acting out child and dis braddah uses his Hokus Pokus background to punt himself off more waves than Ray Guy punted pigskin.

    trevolution: ...and every acting out child needs a protégé. Gotta include the engineer of surfing's first-ever neoprene spit hood. Kid can shred too.

    archy: Someone's gotta watch out for perps in the parking lot.

    kidrock: He's mastered the entire Pacific Coast from bottom to top. The EC is chump change for this charger, and he keeps the spirit light on the shoulder.

    fins369: This dude is nearly unseen and unheard. He just does his thing and don't bother no one en route to throwing mad buckets day and night.

    capecodcdog: Another learned doctor to even the keel and vibe of the group with his wisdom and brotherly stoke.

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    Damn where's SUP, CLEMSON, n the west guys. Guns, moonshine n such is always a bonus backup. If ya gonna roll, roll proper. My gramps always said, piss poor planing = piss poor performance! If ya goonalslayit goon as lay it right!

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    Indeed. DPSUP -- fervently articulates in discussions with great encouragement & stoke.
    Don't forget the other surf dogs in FL (si & fl).
    Clemsonsurf (Southern Thanksgiving hospitality)
    CT - need CONUS expertise regarding wood based craft.
    NJSurfer & NYNJ for adequate representation of the bi-state area
    Fitz - raised awareness of the sin of dropping in and its consequences via the fitzpedo.
    cep - taught us all the value of whitespace & free form expressiveness.
    2XX & Chich (w/757/KK)- keeps us abreast of whats breaking and shaking in VA beach area.
    Ryan7 - he's been quiet for a while but chronicled via video & photography the swells and stoke of surfing from the Jersey shore to the Great Lakes.

    There are more -- but that's all in my stream of consciousness after one cup-o-joe.
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    Damn I missed this one too. All are great so far but lets not forget Koki. Any man with Kenny Powers as his avatar is bada$$.

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    Metard - good posts

    Shark-hunter - bad posts

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    I was just going to suggest Metard