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Thread: Mini longboards

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    walden mini magic

    thank me later

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    Quote Originally Posted by metard View Post
    walden mini magic

    thank me later
    that is indeed a magical board. i pulled the craziest floater of my life on a borrowed one last summer with the owner looking on...he nearly killed me bc he thought i was gonna break it in the shore pound. I just had to get vertical on it!

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    Foil... it's all about the foil.

    A funboard will usually have really soft rails, no to very little concave, more nose rocker, wider tail and pretty much every other element to make the board as forgiving as possible.

    That Stretch link 'splains the mini longboard really well... 50/50 rails, scooped/channeled nose, flatter rocker, maybe some vee out the tail. Not nearly as forgiving as a funboard, and IMO much more fun.

    I've been toying with shaping something along those lines for my first forreal shape, but going more for the "hull" design with a constant vee through the bottom, hardly any rocker and super knifey rails.

    Alrighty, back to my seemingly never-ending projects that have had me neglecting my SI brethren...

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    How do you make a high performance longboard MORE high performance? Make it shorter. Read Stretch's description... it pretty much says it all: Great for the hplb guys trying to eek more performance out of their boards. Great for kids who can't really muscle around a 9'2. Great for big dudes who can't ride a shortboard. I am none of those.

    My personal take on mini longboards? The one genre I just can't get into. I shaped an 8'6 like the IT a long time ago, and rode it for years, in every kind of surf we get around here, just to see what it does and does not do. My conclusion was there are other designs that do everything it does, but better. I personally don't have any midlengths in my quiver, and probably won't until I'm just too old to ride anything under 8 feet.

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    You asked about what conditions you use 'em.
    In PR when Wilderness gets to OH +2... the regulars pull out the 7-9 ft boards. You need the length to catch the long period bombs, the stability to hang on to it (winds get rowdy) without all the bulk of a full log for the nasty paddle back out.

    I started surfing with a 7'9 BIC, and wasn;t too impressed..thought it was the worst of both worlds with the diminished glide and manueverability ...but that was probably more me learning to surf. I moved to a Walden Magic a couple of shorter boards... Now I'm thinking of a good 'mini size' that will fit in my car for days too small to wall up for a mini simmons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    I personally don't have any midlengths in my quiver, and probably won't until I'm just too old to ride anything under 8 feet.
    this is a bow to the way things were. as you know our industry can change explosively as such i (humbly)
    suggest you NOT ignore this genre cause it seems to me with respect to fun board types of late its
    been rain in the desert. more neat stuff than ever and my $ is where my mouth is cause i just bought a
    firewire advance length 7/2 and i find it zippy and last couple sessions quite enjoyable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    I second that. I have one of these and it's such great fun aside from this difficulty and more or less expecting to get foolproof takeoffs on just about any wave because you're paddling out with that much more volume. Unless the wave is completely gutless, I'm able to get up on knee to thigh on it. It's quaffed so that helps but you're right about all the volume taken out of the tail affecting the wave-catching. Would like to hear more of your experience with this board in detail. It's definitely worth having.
    What size is yours? I had one amazing day on it. Head high and choppy beach break, and with the length you could get in way early before they peaked and closed out. The board was almost like a gun. Super foiled and I could get the nose under the wave pretty easily. Love the rail channels that Stretch puts on his boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    I feel you. This is actually a video that was from swellinfo. I happened to watch it a couple weeks ago and I REALLY enjoyed watching dude surf. He is on longboards and SUPs, but the guys style is kinda ill... He moves that longboard around like it's a potato chip SB... Not everyone can look graceful doing it, but it really got me excited to get out on a bigger board soon.

    A buddy of mine from OB surfed like this. His names is "Butter" Joyce. Ill try and find a video. He was a LB team rider for Southcoast, but he literally moved his boards around like a ASP shortboarder.

    Cool video, dude can LB and SUP

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    dude can LB and SUP
    Yes he can.

    zach, good looks on posting that up. Love the goofy riders too.

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    Anyone ride a ricky Carroll mini me? Been eyeing these for a while.

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