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    Noseriding performance on a 9'2'' Gordon and Smith?

    I'm interested in buying this board, but I've been wanting to get a good noserider for a while, so I'm wondering how anyone thinks this board would noseride for a 210 pound guy?


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    Single fin square tail that is also 3 1/2 thick should be fine. confirm it has a concave nose and you should be fine. $600 is a steal. also confirm low nose rocker and a tail kick.

    I've always been a fan of a much wider nose for nose riders. not that it really affects performance, just gives you a little more real estate to perch on.

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    Thanks for the input fins

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    @#$%, it already sold

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    I see two different G&S boards there - solid white deck and yellow deck w/white stripe. Both gone?

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    I think the white is the bottom, it kind of does look like another board though

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    Right, my bad, a second look shows it, though he did say he was selling his boards. Expected to see the quiver for sale. G&S makes a good board.