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    If parking meters, traffic, drunks, drugs under boardwalk,smelly water, cops, games of chance, and artery clogging food is for you than you'll be alright. I'm not sure what answer you're looking for with the question but it's bad to paddle out between 9-5 (lifeguards) and its bad to paddle out if you aren't that skilled of a surfer because you will be escorted down the beach by either the current or the more skilled surfers. If you can hold your own have fun.
    This is the best response ever.

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    yeah i surf there regulary so i have earned my respect, but to tell you the truth when you first paddle out you will get the stare, and then you might get blocked out of a few, but if you dont drop in on anyone and you dont fall while dropping in, you will soon earn respect and you will be able to get the waves you want. Just dont paddle out all kocky and your fine.