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    Surfers and Bodyboarders

    Quick question, what beaches in jerz do lifeguards generally let surfers and bodyboarders surf in same area? I hear that they separate the two and put the bodyboarders in with the swimmers. Just curious as I'm going to surf with one of my buddies who bodyboards and it'd be cool if we catch some fun one's without riding on separate beaches.

    Any insight would be great.

    Thanks all.

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    37th street, 56th street, or any where before 9am or after 5pm

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    37th, 56th...assuming that's LBI. Anywhere up north between Long B and Seaside?

    These rules are unbelievable..gnarly.

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    ExtremeSpongerChicks Guest


    you can try 13th/14th avenues in NJ...not a guarantee though!

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    Thanks, still blows. I mean I would careless but its one of my friends and be more chill if we could surf together but whatever.

    Maybe on Saturday since it will be 3-5ft the lifeguards will be more flexible, specially since they will probably have yellow flag and swimming is somewhat restricted.

    Or just ignore the ****er and keep surfing,..haha.