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Thread: My kind of Lady

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    if I was a shark(I just watched the whole video,first try only lasted 20 seconds) and I saw some retard trying to dance like that around me and my other sharkies we would team up and each rip a limb off at the same time.and whats up with the tiger stripes?u do know sharks have terrible eye gonna put on a big brown wig and go dance around a bunch of grizzly bears.make sure to read my obituary after my live post

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    Hahahaha you said bad larrys!!! Awesome job man, most importantly though, I'm sure she has a beautiful spirit.
    She does....and she also has a message for you!


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    Asians gotta eat too holmes

    Quote Originally Posted by stinkbug View Post
    And what is natural about 100 million sharks being finned each year for the Asian shark fin soup market?
    There is nothing natural about what humans are doing to the shark populations worldwide.

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    think she's the same crazy lady?

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    So I'm going thru the other vids. Cool Manta ray. then a scantily clad hussy under water dancing with a couple whales when, Bam the baby is skewered by a harpoon and drug on a jap murder vessel. The vid's title is Betrayal. I feel betrayed and violated. mainly because the puta didn't show anything.

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    Surfing was so much safer 20+ years ago when we were actively culling sharks and seals. Once we started "protecting" them, more human attacks have occurred.

    The ocean was no more "healthier" back then than it is now. Sharks and seals haven't been proven to provide for a healthier ecosystem.

    Time to start thinning the herd...but the stupid hot chick can stay.

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    Oh boy, this should get interesting

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    What's this tread even about?

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    I wish I had some ecstasy to watch this video with.

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    The dancing avatar chick is lame. Dont care how hot she is, guarantee'd just the attempt at making this video would guarantee u this chick has the most annoying personality ever.

    Kimi however is a bad a$$.

    And the shark culling comments are ridiculous. Just because we are humans does not give us the right to go out and murder other creatures because we think they are scary and therefore pose a threat to our population. Ridiculous. Think about the consequences of those types of actions.
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