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Thread: locals

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    Mar 2008
    south bethany
    if someone drops in on me on a right and hes regular footed also i like to sneak up behind them and just push em over and keep riding makes me feel good about myself putting him down... ive actually only done this to people i know though because im afraid of getting my ass kicked bysome ones big friend or something.. cause im not dumb enough to do it to a some huge dude... but i say if your confident in defending yourself go for it.. fights make for great stories at parties and koombayas and such

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    get em' flake.

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    Jun 2008
    baltimore, maryland
    im not even trying to smash on all you locals or k-coats, didnt mean to make it seem lie i was out for you guys. every other dude ive met out there surfing they have told me they live here has been super friendly and cool, nicest dudes ever. i guess i just happen to run into one of the jerks. i wouldn't fight someone over something small like that, not worth it. i just dont understand why people think its cool to try and act hard with all their buddies when the other dudes by himself. all i wanted to do was surf and some kooks i guess didnt want me to.....sup ham

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    Talking Yeah man...

    **** that guy, I would have stabbed him with the board while secondly wrapping the leash around his neck. But, in this interest, the locals consist of young pissed off teens and their falling winsomenesses: gilt stricken young males that point at each others faults and blame them on the spot. It's ridiculous these days, the affects of hidden rage that attacks the outsiders as if it were pre-decided and then strengthened to commit a selfish act, clearly the typical narcissistic. What were they really thinking of accomplishing. Nothing. But somehow these ideiots gathered and thought about their most menacing act, all approved and settled in for the one blow to the head. Most of the time, these cruel rights believing in the confines of self-pity and shallow wisdom. Saddened, everyone leaves. **** this ****.