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    Nov 2007
    I like the pace of surfing in Maryland, enough surf to keep me from going nuts, uncrowded enough so I don't feel claustrophobic, enough days of flatness that I can actually get something done, and small to medium sized surf that fits me better than constant macking swells. Pretty sure I would hate California, never miserable in Maryland.

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    Mar 2013
    VA Beach
    Went to trunks and rash guard last week. What a relief. Water in low 70s and felt great.

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    ive got kooks asking me where i was during the winter at my local break

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    Trunked it for an hour in 58-60F last night and wasn't even slightly hypo. 80 and sunny helped and this was 5pm. 2 Yuenglings pre-sesh helped numb the sensation and the constant paddling of clean, small shorebreak waves kept core temp up too.

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    I wish I was putting on a wetsuit RIGHT now.

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    Mar 2014
    Monmouth County
    went swimming in Atlantic City yesterday in trunks. Water is 4 degrees warmer there than my home break. With how flat it looks for the next week... no doubt it's trunks in Monmouth County with the next bump.