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    You can't find ANYTHING but a soft top for less than $500 or $600.... seems insane to me. I guess as long as people keep buying them, the market will hold. But that is WAAAAAAYYYYY too much for a used board of most kinds.

    I mean, why are there no SUP beaters? I could see dropping 3 or so for one just to have and mess around with. Paddle around the bay, but I ain't dropping $1200 on one. That is money better spent on a surf trip.
    Looked around for ya Zach...few up here used (almost new) for that price...some with paddles. Then I discovered this...CLICK. Say it aint so...

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    Yeah, finding surfing equipment around here is probably as hard as finding surfing gear in Indiana. There are zero boards on craigslist, ever. One shaper in the whole town. I keep an eye on Jacksonville cause that is a quick two hour drive from here and they have a huge surfing community. But round here, I can't find much of anything.... I guess as long as a bunch of wealthy people from Ohio that have their second home here are willing to pay $1500 bucks for a surftech SUP, the prices will stick....

    I am not hell bent on getting one, but after living here for almost 2 years now, checking CL all the time, there is NOTHING, EVER. Only things that sell for like $400, are soft-top, used SUPS that the rental companies ditch after each summer. One of my friends worked at one. I asked him if he could get me a good deal on an SUP. He said he could do one for 3. I went to his shop and was like, ohhhh.... no thanks.

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    The one my wife bought for me a couple years ago ran about $1200 at the time, which included a custom cut graphite paddle. The independent dealer also drove the board all the way up from Miami to Tampa to drop it off. Weeks later we saw the exact same board on sale for like $700. So you just gotta keep an eye open and pull the trigger when they decide to go on sale. You can sometimes get two for the price of one on package deal.