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    Surefire way to get water out of you nose:

    Become a pizza delivery guy. Ring doorbell. Bend over and place pizza on low table as directed by customer. 1/2 of the atlantic will drain all over pizzas and/or pizza bag. mo water.

    Happened more than once but it's better than all over your girl's shoulders and chest.

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    I wish I had started using a neti pot years ago. Just started and I use it at least 2x a day. Sinus infection finally going away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    Happened more than once but it's better than all over your girl's shoulders and chest.
    LOL, yeah. Always always always drain thoroughly before any potential action. If you have normal plumbing, just standing upright and bending all they way down like you're tying a shoelace or something ought to do it. Do it multiple times and hang there for a few minutes to be sure.

    Seen dudes with earplugs, never seen anybody surfing with nose plugs.

    Who uses isopropyl for their ears? I do it maybe after every second or third session, or whenever I remember.

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    get the netti pot- except they make one that is not an actual pot but more of a squeeze bottle that forces water tru- works like a charm. I use it after I surf when its big and I get work a lot- or when I surf right after heavy rain, and all the run off from the land is in the water...

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    Quote Originally Posted by si_admin View Post
    there's tons of living bacteria and organisms in sea water, so you don't really want that sitting in your sinuses. Its not anything like saline water.
    fly a banner for no phytoplankton in our sinuses!

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    thanks guys.. i used a neti pot today and it seemed like a gallon of water came out of my clogged nose. feel like a million bucks.

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    Just watch out for the brain-eating amoeba..

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    just tilt your head down for a minute or so and let it drain out. you shouldnt get water in your nose when its small, or else youre doing something wrong and going over the falls too much