Agree with this except for the "rockbottom" being BS... It is a cliche, but it's true. I've never seen anyone clean up without something traumatic happening to them.
It doesn't have to be and OD or jail. For some people it's it's more mental...
For me it was my girl threatening to leave when she got fed up with being lied to. I lied for so long and just assumed everyone believed me.
I decided that night that I was done... Went to the doctor for subs the next day and got off them a few months later. Best decision I've ever made.
If nobody had helped me I would have never changed.

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All of the cliche's are just BS.

'Rockbottom', 'they have to decide to change,' it's all bull****.

Some people are able to escape it more easily than others. This has to do with brain chemistry and help. People addicted to drugs will lie, even when faced with evidence, because their brain has been rewired to make them pursue that reward at all costs.

You guys look at them as rational people, but if you are someone who would never steal from your family, and one year later you are selling electronics from the living room, are you really thinking rationally? No. So stop looking at them like rational actors.

These people need help, and that doesn't excuse their thefts or the emotional damage they cause. They will pay for those things in time, even if they make it to the other side, they will always have to live their life differently in order to avoid relapsing, and their foundational relationships are forever damaged. That's if they make it out.

Which requires help. Can't say how much it disgusts me to see people look down on the drug addicts using coke and heroin in the projects, but not the New England trust fund kid whose Mommy pays his bills while he is in and out of rehab for pills. All of these people deserve help, not just for them, but for their families, many of whom spend their life savings trying to help, often in futility. We live in a nation where this problem is disproportionally costly to the non-wealthy, and that is a shame.

It's easy to talk sh*t about being 'responsible' and 'straight headed' when you haven't been there. But instead you should be doing the right thing, which is always more difficult. Be empathetic. These are human beings with families that go through immense pain. Imagine your daughter grows up to be a legal prostitute in Nevada. That would hurt, right? Now imagine that pain x 1000. Emotionally devastating.

Stop talking so much sh*t, these are human beings here. This is a huge problem in our society right now and you need to take it seriously; talk to your representatives, police officials, and ask why there aren't more resources being put into this. Before you know it, some kid close to you, or your own kid, will be dead or just gone, and you'll realize you were just some sh*t talker lookin from the outside in, spending time talking sh*t on the internet, when you could have stopped the American suburbs from turning into 1970's New York City.