I got a new pair of fins, the 5" Vipers, yellow dot.
They're really comfortable but I think they've got too
much thrust for me--I've got a fallen arch in my left
foot and after using the fins a few times I've got a
sharp pain on the outside of the foot if I try to kick
with the fins on. I'm gonna wait for the foot to recover
and then try using them again, but I really can't afford to
screw up that foot more than it already is--so before I go and shell
out $40-$50 for yet another pair of fins, I'm thinking
of cutting these down a bit to try and reduce the thrust.
I know that people cut a bit off the blade of one of their
fins for drop-knee riding, but does anyone do it just to
reduce thrust? And if so, how much would you cut off, and
would you cut them at an angle so they'd have blades like
churchills, or just cut them straight across?