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    S.O.D. (aka Storm Troopers of Death)

    The album I recommend is Speak English or Die

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    K2, don't lie bro. You and 757 rage to One Direction before sessions. Even after he went all LB on you and you guys broke up.

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    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD
    Quote Originally Posted by jballen2 View Post
    Pre-surf depends on how big it is. Pennywise or Rise Against if it's pumping

    Rise against is the best surf music on earth, but it only gets the juices flowing if the waves are going to be good. No reason to sit there thumping on the steering wheel, dreaming of the knee high madness you are about to enjoy while listening to "Help is on the way".

    If its small and I have a log in the truck, I will go with Classic Rock, Slightly Stoopid, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club or the Black Keys. All of those are chill enough to get your mind right and relaxed, but not all amped up like you need to be on your way to what should be a Barrel Fest.

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    Damn, given some of the music listed before sessions some of you guys must surf angrier than Yankee and I post.

    Like I said earlier I'm diggin old REM and Gary Clark Jr right now, always love some Black Keys, Black Corwes and Black Sabbath! But usually when I'm going surfing even if it's big I'm jammin to Mr. Robert Nesta Marley. Waves get me pumped enough, I need tunes to mellow my head so I can get in sync with the vibe of the ocean man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Wet Monster View Post
    You might like Jersey's own Real Estate...

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    Pre and post surf I mostly listen to early 80's punk (T.S.O.L, Marginal Man, Agent Orange) or reggae (Bob Marley, SOJA, Rebelution) Also listen to Grateful Dead.

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    I'll go from the angry samoans to a tribe called quest real quick. variety is good for me.

    if the waves are big I like something mellow, soja or gregory isaacs is nice.

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    Check that first song talking about slipping into the greens and blues.

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    Nice - thanks lbcrew - Me likes so far. Feel like I may have heard their name on XPN?

    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    You might like Jersey's own Real Estate...

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    2-3 hour drive to surf usually...Presurf pandora station is Steely dan until Im like 20 minutes out - flip it to LCD soundsystem and pump fists (if in jersey) or pray for anything rideable if in OCMD. -everytime