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    shortboard fin setups? FCS or Futures

    what is working well for you east coast surfers? Ive tested a few setups so far this is my opinion (175lb 5'11")

    Futures Fins - on my quad/tri 6'2" x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8 diamond tail brian wynn board (best working and highest quality nj board ive had so far):

    1) Quad: VII Quad1 side fins with the 4" tall rear fins -- my favorite nj mush setup, works great until head high (most of the time) then it just cant turn hard enough. Im thinking about testing out the VII QJC side fins next.

    2) Thruster: VFJC1 -- swapped the trifin on the wynn board for cpl head high+ days. These felt too stable and didnt have enough drive in the nj waves, might work a lot better for bigger/much more powerful surf. On this board, the quad setup was so much faster and looser i always switched back to quad and for the more powerful days I ride my plus one thruster with G-AM fins

    FCS Fins (on a 6'2' squash from plus one, a 6'3" merrick squash, a 6'4" bushman squash, 6'10" bushman pintail and a 5'10" larry mabile fish):

    FCS G-AM -- these are the al merrick fins, they work real well in medium to strong surf and are very fast. a little too loose/fast for me in very powerful or hollow waves tho like north shore. keep these on my plus one for east coast head+

    FCS G6 -- works really well for powerful surf and hollow waves. I have these in carbon fiber and plastic but cant feel much difference between them. I keep the carbons on my 6'4" bushman squash and the plastics on the 6'10" bushman pintail

    FCS Occy -- super stable, but doesnt turn too well, you really need to crank it. I havent tested it in bigger surf but it might be better there

    FCS G2 outers w/ GS center -- awesome on my 5' 10" larry mabile fish. also helped make an old merrick swallowtail board i hated feel a little better

    FCS H2? i want to try them next, looks crazy

    let me know what your experiences or preferences are for NJ and related east coast bleh waves
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