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    Friday what you sipping on update...

    Bit stolen right from shade 45

    Wedding weekend ...

    6er stone ipa
    6er firestone walker union jack
    6er ballast point sculpin
    4 pack victory dirt wolf

    8er girl scout cookies( for late night dutchies)

    G grapefruit kush wax ( mid day pen madness)

    Thats me pretty much going all out

    Praying it goes offshore!

    What u working with out there?

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    poverty beer

    bud light

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    A whole case of special salt water taffys shipped straight from Cali BOI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metard View Post
    poverty beer

    bud light
    Poverty beer is Natural Lite Ice. Ask any homeless alky.

    I'm going with bourbon and ginger tonight. I can't surf until tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have some time to recover.

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    you can take this as a challenge, if that's your thing, but man it would be a real chore to drink 22 craft IPA's, especially those union jacks.

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    im sippen on h20.its purty goooood

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    Smith & Hook cabernet

  8. mad crack ... maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd crack

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    MoCo ruined by Beach Replishment
    Lagunitas 22oz bomber post twilight sesh followed by the $5 shot-n-beer special (sailor jerry+rolling rock can) at the Vibrators show tonight...
    Tomorrow... Craft brew roulette at my preferred watering hole...
    Sunday... $1 iced mugs Bud Lite from kickoff onward...

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