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    Buying a board off the net

    After searching a while I decided I wanted a walden compact disk to ride in the smaller waves. I also just realized its super cheap on the internet and was wondering if the deal was too good to be true or legit.

    Thats the web page. I was wondering how everyone elses experience was buying off the internet?

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    they'll probably screw you on the shipping

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    From my personal experiences, I would say that pretty much any company offering new boards will leave you pretty happy but steer clear of used boards unless you have a chance to check the board out before you buy it. Just my 2 cents from online board buying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisd468 View Post
    they'll probably screw you on the shipping
    Haha... yeah that happened to me, bad. About 400$ (on top of the cost of the board) bad. I wouldn't have had a problem if it were ordered from inside the country, I ordered mine (used) from Australia and it got caught up in customs. I couldn't find anything like it in the US. So I had to make the trip up to Baltimore, then to Essex to pick it up where the customs storage is located. Had to pay customs fees storage fees (they didn't even notify me of any of this till the storage bill was a couple hundred), and when I got to it the box was TRASHED. Luckily the Aussie who sold it too me packed it like a pro and the board was fine. By the looks of the box they really threw it around tho, not to mention it was on the bottom of a pallet.

    Complete headache that I'll never go thru again... unless I can find a G.Greenough spoon.

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    interesting...a knockoff Walden

    from the site:

    "Limited stock available at these discounts. Manufactured by Global Surf Industries and is one of the most popular surfboards in their line-up."

    I wouldn't spend more than $400 on it.

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    Any shop that carries Global Surf boards (makes Waldens in Thailand) can order it for you for $555 which includes shipping and only takes about a week. I dont think they make the original CD anymore which might explain the cheap price. They now make the CD-4 which is slightly different.

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    I actually bought a 7'6" Walden Mini-Magic from them (Isle Surfboards) for like $375 with my "stimulus check". (Thank you Mr. Bush) Shipping was only $99. It's a great board especially since I was expecting an epoxy and it was glassed.

    I also bought a retro fish under the Isle name, but my only real complaint is that it is glassed really thin, but it was new and cheap.

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    wavesallday Guest

    6'6 Walden CD for Sale

    Hey man,

    Saw your posting--I'm actually looking to sell my Walden CD. I just bought an 8'0 and am looking to get a 9''s in really good shape...rode it maybe twice. Polyester foam. 2 3/4 thickness, 19 1/4 width. Includes fin setup (Walden center fin, two Future side fins). Nose is red and fades to orange and yellow towards the tail. $400 cash. Would be happy to meet up with you to show it to you if you're local. I'm in Bethany Beach, DE.