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Thread: Rodanthe today

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    Rodanthe today

    Shoulder high....head stuff!

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    I called the report this AM and was not too happy about missing waves. I need to head back down south to ride with my boys.

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    Jan 2008
    Wow how long was it sholder high 4

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    pretty much all day, but it got a little less consistent toward the late afternoon. looks like its fun again there today

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    Xtreme*Liquidshredder Guest
    yeaa me and my boy xtremensp ripper were out there shredding then we went over to the nags head fishing pier

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    Yesterday, Frisco was Chest to occ. head on the sets. once you paddled out to the actual break, it was pretty clean.

    Today was Waist to Chest at the buxton light. A little bumpy but fairly clean faces. They were my kind of waves. It was a blast. I was out all day.