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Thread: wow!

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    myrtle beach, conway


    Has anyone checked out the surf plots for thrusday? They say sets can reach up to 1-2' over head, from sc to nc. IM IN!!!!

  2. Choppy suey

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    Friday's forecast for Folly Beach is double to triple overhead....

    Do you think saturday or sunday will be the day to go to get the clean-up?

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    If the wind is ene , the washout will be side offshore and teeing off.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    hopefully the forcast will come true. i knoow i'll be on it all day and every day its going to be head and overhead.

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    yea i'll be on it for sure, maybe we can get some offshore winds for sunday.maybe

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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    hopefully the wind will not be as strong as forecasted, im not really a fan of drifting for miles and miles.
    still though, that will be a pretty good end of summer swell if its not total victory at sea. ill be on it.

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    no way washout will handle that'll be completely closed out

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    Yeah at low tide for sure.Not sure if you remember Ophelia at all, but it was very similar and was kegging overhead offshore barrels, intermittent rain showers and side offshore, mid to high tide, it will have plenty of open slots. Only difference is this storm is heading west after a couple days, but in the time that it is supposed to park itself off of the jacksonville area, should get interesting.
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    Triple Overhead for Us????

    With washing machine texture of course!
    Y'all are right. Finding a lined up slot will be hard when keeping your board in one area will probaly be the concern. Im hoping for the best of course!