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    When is a board dead?

    I have a 1985, 6'2" Barnfeild thruster. It has been through some tough surfs and its a bit water logged in the tail section. Its fixable, but is it worth it. I just dont know if im just beating a dead horse.

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    Xtreme*Liquidshredder Guest
    its dead when you get a new one

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    but when you own a house and have no money to throw around, you need to fix what you got

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    Xtreme*Liquidshredder Guest
    well then you just answered your question
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    try finding a good used board on craigslist, theres usually a few deals on there.

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    a board NEVER dies!
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    A good board is like a good friend, they're few and far between, and when you do find one, don't ever get rid of it.

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    Every board dies, not every board really lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigSURFsk8 View Post
    a board NEVER dies!
    you tell him! that **** goes in a corner of the garage if nothing else. boards shouldnt be declared dead unless they break in half. and im pretty sure if you rode it right, its spirit lives on forever. plus.... you never know... down the road you may wanna retroflect and take old faithful out for a dip.