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Thread: Next Weekend

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    the wave model looks rediculoussss...lets all get pounded.

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    in nj there gnna be 12.5ft and up to 18 ft faces

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    Is it supposed to be clean or all Choppy when it reaches us? Whats the wind dir. and speed?

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    if jersey gets 12ft+ I'll quit surfing. And the winds arent looking good for friday.

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    sat night/sun morning.. we're taking a boat

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    will it be blown out all weekend?

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    depends on hannahs path ... just wait til it gets closer, its only monday!

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    so you all think this weekend is just gonna be big and choppy but managable or you think its gonna be some real rough water like during (not after during) that nor-easter in early may this year also check folly beach sc 4 times overhead.. redic