I have an idea on a new website for surfers that need information on surfing and or "travel"(This applies only if you surf NC or SC maybe bordering states). It would be set up so you need nothing to research, explore or prepare. It will show you the best places to surf on given weather and swell, how to put your board on the racks, map to there, how fast to drive, tell you the best places to park, the best breaks for the given location, how to get there(if carpooling is available),best boards to ride, what articles of outerwear that should be worn, type of leash needed, best wax and how to apply, proper fin placement, what track pads work better for the location, where to paddle out, the ideal tide, cams(with sound and remote panning), boat shuttles if needed, jet ski rides out to the break if the paddle is difficult, warm showers if it is cold, the party after the session, and a forum so we can tell everyone else where it is the best. Share with all of the surfing community othersí years of experience and exploration to those who want Instant Gratification or the lazy way.
Damn someone beat me to it.
Take a risk. Research, Explore, Surf, Travel. Itís always gratifying to find out something yourself.