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    Ready to take on some bombers on the out for the donkey turds though

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    Quote Originally Posted by machots View Post
    the shoals are unpredictable. i take a jet ski out there every once in a while and jump the waves. that is very fun and the waves do get big. i havent seem them hollow yet and surfable it would take timing and practice but it could get pulled off. i get freaked out y sharks more than anything out there
    I've heard from those that have surfed them that the shoals are very fickle, with lots of big fish swimming around, but get em working right once and you'll talk about it the rest of your life.
    Is it worth the time and effort when other spots are more reliable ? your call

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptsurf7 View Post
    Was thinking about hitting up assateague island just on the other side of the OC inlet. Im thinking it will prob be the least crowded being that it is boat access only (or paddle). Only thing im wondering is how it will work with a south swell. Anyone have any insights?
    Assateague is usually a good call when the swell is over 4 feet. "The Wedge" as it's called might be good with the hard NW wind but don't expect to have the place all to yourself. I've paddled over there from the inlet area in the dead of winter just to find the place being held down by a few groms. If you have a boat def worth a check! Hit me up if you do, there's a ton of good sandbars in the Assateague Island area!