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    suprize easterly swell 2morrow mornin'?

    swellinfo-thanx 4 the headz-up on this easterly swell 2morrow! i've bin so bizzy w/ Hanna i haven't even had time 2 check the maps! it looks like a totally seperate swell 2morrow from Hanna swell, right? i just saw this huge Gale force off the coast just now...

    and i just saw the 50knt barbz to our east!

    this should prolly last the mornin' and fade thru the day i'd imagine, right? anywayz, thanx 4 sick 4castin'! l8s.

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    this is true. The low pressure system hanging off of cape cod will contribute E/ENE swells for many exposed areas!

    Lots to keep track of right now!

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    Where did you get that weather map... Thanks

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    I see it ...

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    u can go to the quikscat main page and just click the region you're intersted in...

    and here'z the radiofax link:
    just go down to "surface charts" then click on either 24hr/48hr/or 96hr...

    az far az this east swell, it hazn't showed here yet...bouy 44008 iz startin' 2 show signz o' life with direction startin' to switch E/NE. Hopefully we'll start seein' sum signz l8r in the evenin' with the tide droppin...the East end will see it first, if it arrivez here. but the Low cood've bin too far north uv us to send us that east direction we need, so it might just bypass us and hit Jewseey and new england later...we'll c.

    if bouy 44008 starts goin' more easterly, we should be seein' it soon.
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