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    Heres the link to the article that tells about thie portion of the wreck.

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    hey guys, i was actually the responding guard to it when it washed up. it was approximately on 40th street, i was sitting 42.5. about eight men and myself tried to lift it out of the surf, and it proved much too heavy for us, but the men in the water were able to get it ashore with the surf's help. they called up the bulldozer since we all thought it was just an old washed up pylon from a pier, and because there was no other method of extraction we could think of. what would you do if that thang washed up in front of you? not much you can do except call public works.

    anyways, should be cool to find out what it was.

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    pylon - definition from merriam webster

    Main Entry: py∑lon
    Pronunciation: \ˈpī-ˌlšn, -lən\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Greek pylōn, from pylē gate
    Date: 1850
    1 a: a usually massive gateway b: an ancient Egyptian gateway building in a truncated pyramidal form c: a monumental mass flanking an entranceway or an approach to a bridge
    2 achiefly British : a tower for supporting either end of usually a number of wires over a long span b: any of various towerlike structures
    3 a: a post or tower marking a prescribed course of flight for an airplane b: traffic cone c: one of the flexible upright markers positioned on a football field at the corners of the end zone
    4: a rigid structure on the outside of an aircraft for supporting something (as an engine or missile)

    Im guessing you mean piling... Why don't you read the article I linked above before you blather on...

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    chill man. i thought it was a "piling", sorry. and obviously it's not, it was just my initial reaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSurfer View Post
    And you've just got to love how delicately the city moved it off the beach, eh? Priceless. Almost like the days of Mayor Kelly when he wanted to proved that ''Nothing lives in the surf zone,'' as he dug his hand into the sand and held a handful up where they liked to bulldoze the sand higher up on the beach.
    remember those days?...dozens of bulldozers backing into the surf every winter pushing up sand to fortify the non-existent sand dunes. What a waste of money that was

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    Haha this is me in the lower one

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    Big deal, up here in Jersey we have lots of cool stuff washing up on our beaches too. I save a ton every month on medical supplies, that's a lot more useful than some colonial ocean trash.