I bought this wetsuit in Feb. of 2006 and it has been worn maybe 6 times. It is a fantastic suit with all glued and taped seams. It will take you through most of the winter. If you add a hood and 1 mil vest, you can pretty much surf year round in this suit. It is in perfect condition. I paid $220.00 for the suit brand new. I will part with it for $125 plus shipping (should be around $10). The suit lives in Baltimore, so I can arrange for local pickup around here.

I am 5'5", 140 lbs. The suit fits me great with enough left in the legs to accommodate someone 5'8". I also wore it when I was around 150 and it still fit well.

I will try to remember to post pictures this evening.

I accept PayPal, personal check (will hold until it clears), bank check or cold hard cash.

PM me if you are interested. I'm not around these parts much anymore.