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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Surfer View Post
    It depends where you go. By the time i exited the water on Sunday at 10 am there were 25 - 30 guys at one break...NOT one of them was a long boarder. Manasquan and Allenhurst are a few places that seem to draw alot of long boarders...while other places don't at all. Location..location homie..
    it aint location dawg....its conditions. fo real man dont be peer pressured

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extreme*NSP*ripper4 View Post
    it aint location dawg....its conditions. fo real man dont be peer pressured
    What? English please...regardless, conditions and locations go hand in Yes..i agree, dawg. lol

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    yeah dawg i feel ya. im just sayin there aint no sin in paddlin out on da log

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Porto View Post
    I don't know if the majority of NJ surfers are longboarders but most of the surfers I know have both short and longboards. I know that I decide what to ride based on the wave conditions. IR Inlet is a mushy wave so it makes sense to ride a longboard there. And technically they are not doing the snaking if they are catching the waves outside.
    2nd that! were not longboarders or shortboarders... were surfers. we ride any wave given to us. thats what i love dude. on a day when its knee high or shin high or even friggin ankle high, everyones complaining but everyones still out there! just gettin wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiksilverbq View Post
    It is just me or does it seem like the majority of surfers in New Jersey are now longboarders? When i went out sunday there were always these longboarders that just sat waaaaay outside and snaked every single was getting Ridiculous
    We are not snaking you if we are sitting way outside, but i understand where you are comin from, i too try to stay in the line-up and obey the same rules everyone else is.