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Thread: FCS or Futures?

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    i used FCS fins for years, got my last board as a futures quad/tri and will not look back!!

    the 5 futures fin boxes works so well and versatile, esp on a swallow tail

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    fcs fins for me.

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    Futures are as close as Glass ons. I think Futures are the Best fin box out today. Even FCS tried to make a fin box thats like futures but it cant compare. The V2 F4 437 Fin is the best templet for NJ.

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    I've been using futures for my last two boards that i've had and there hasn't been any cracks yet. I have not been disappointed with them yet.

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    futures. i also noticed that in the boards that have fcs...the entire fin isn't exactly flush with the glassing. the front of the fin before the first plug sticks out a little bit, plus inbetween the two plugs water can penetrate in between. now idk what that actually does to a board, but it can't help it. overall i feel that fcs has more drag, and futures seem to be more apart of the board. my favorite boards that i've ever owned had futures as well.

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    FCS "fins" are better. The fin boxes, BY FAR are better by future. I have stomped out many a FCS fin box. Sh**, i pulled into a mexican beach break barrel about 4 years ago, it closed out. The board never hit the bottom, yet 2 out of the 3 fins boxes just ripped clean out. took all the surrounding fiberglass with it.

    I have future fins on a few of my newer plus one's and they are ok. I don't care much for the fin, but I got used to it...

    My daily riding FCS fins were always the Blue ones with the white figure 8... Then i had the red ones to put in if I was trying beach break airs etc...

    But I haven't seen a future fin that performs as highly as my old FCS' did.... FCS just has sooo many options too...

    ****ty fin boxes though.

    If you use FCS fins on a short board, make sure you put your traction/stomp pad's corners over top of the two fins boxes on the side. It has preserved a lot of my boards that way. I've aligned the pad a little behind the fin boxes before and after a few winter months of surfer, the fin boxes start exposing... So, that helps too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemicepic View Post
    I used to break FCS fins/boxes all the time.... ive broken one fin since i switched to futures; hit a big rock and it snapped clean in half without damaging the fin box at all, im definatly impressed with the strength and performance of futures.

    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    FCS "fins" are better. The fin boxes, BY FAR are better by future. I have stomped out many a FCS fin box.
    Thats been my experience as well. I used to have a quiver full of fcs and kept tweaking and crunching the plugs. Since switching over the futures about 5 years ago, i've had one futures fin box blow out, and it was easy to just dry the board out and reglass in the same box.

    FCS does have a better fin selection than Futures.

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    Neither. It is lockbox for me.

    Between futures or fcs it would have to be futures all the way. I only own two boards that are FCS and they were the only two boards I have bought off the rack. Been surfing for well over 10 years and have only bought two boards off the rack. When I put my orders in it all depends on what boxes the shapper works with. Recently it has been all futures or fcs so I pick futures (its seems as though lockbox is a westcoast thing cus the few eastcoast shappers I have been to never offer it).

    The reason I go with futures is cost. I think fcs fins perform better and have better foil/tech than FCS but that is not my point. For a set of FCS fins you are going to spend close to and over $100 each and every time. For Futures they have a tone of fins that are just as good as FCS that are $50. Also FCS boxs suck balls (or is it the glasser who ****s that up?) and to pay that much money for fins and bad boxes just does not sit well.

    Anyway after that rambleing ramble the bottom line is... surfers like you and me will NEVER be able to tell the difference between fin boxes and "most" fins. Specially because we live on the east coast where wave length is 2.3 seconds (Pump, pump, pump, turn if you are lucky) and the low frequency we get to spend in the water because we go weeks without decent waves. So go with price...and that is futures.
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    Futures Problem

    I have futures on one of my boards and the only issue I have ever had with them (even after running rocks and beaching it) were after leaving the fins in during a long winter, the screws rusted in and I had to drill them out. Other than that they are a solid system. The FCS were rattling on my drops when I rode on them last. I'd go with futures.

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    [QUOTE=JMD;39410]Neither. It is lockbox for me.

    LokBox for me as well. I can't say that I have tried ProBox yet, but I have had several boards with FCS & Futures and LokBox blows both away. I dig being able to dial a board in by just moving the cluster of fins tighter or further apart, changing the whole dynamics of the board. I don't know how many boards that I thought were dogs and it could have just been the fins. Just a tweak here and there moving the fins up and down you can really dial it in. Also, you can put Futures and your FCS fins in the LokBox base.

    To be honest, 90% of my boards are glass on. Only my travel boards use LokBox. Oh, and one 7'0 CI MSG that has FCS because that board gets used only once or twice a year and I've had that board for over 5 years, before I discovered LokBox.

    Oh, and check out the bamboo fins for LokBox. The Taylor Knox bamboo is my favorite. The flex is incredible. Soooo light if you glass them in. Incredible when glassed in. The lightest fin you can put on your board and the flex from bamboo is incredible.

    Here is the website for LokBox...
    And for the finest bamboo fins, 101 Fin Co...

    I hope this helps.