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If Romo didn't throw a stupid pic after scrambling and fumble in the end-zone, the game would not have been close. That was 14 gift points. The refs missed Dallas face mask a run by the Eagles so they return the favor and call pass interference on the 1 yard line when it was clearly offensive pass interference.

As for the Eagles yet again getting the ball on the 1/2 yard line after that idiot receiver tossed the ball before breaking the plain...wrong call all the way. That right there my friends could be a 28 point swing.

In the end who cares, GO COWBOYS!!!!! Can't wait to get in front of all the Eagles ISH talkers at work that were yapping their flap yesterday at work.
Yeah, the REFS were horrible. So many bull**** calls and so many non-calls. I'm having a field day at work with all the Eagles fans... they hate me!!!