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    Did you put Marino in the same sentence as Super Bowl winners? He peaked two years into pro football and had a long drop off. Three, he's got way too many picks. Brady is throwing Ione-third or less than Marino did. Going the better part of seasons sometimes without a pick. Marino - AboIve average career and typical season passer rating, not even close to Manning. Marino (who I really liked despite being on a rival) has slightly better stats but is in the same category of Kosar and Kelly (who went to 4 SBs). Couldn't rush for his life. Elway finally won it all after living at the SB and was always a big game and crunch time player. His stats are average though. He just had longevity and overall success and was a master of the 2-minute drill. Elway and Kelly are ahead of Marino just on SB experience.

    I respect Peyton. Always have. Even though the Colts were a huge Pats rival. McGinest stopping them 4 times in a row from the goal line. Awesome. Peyton's regular season stats are amazing. Best ever. But let's look at playoffs?! Manning was one and done (no wins) in the playoffs in 2 of his 4 MVP seasons.

    Brady: 17W-7L, 6 GW drives, 3W-2L in Super Bowls, 3 Super Bowl MVPs, 42D, 22INTs
    Manning: 9W-11L, 1 GW drive, 1W-1L in Super Bowls, 1 Super Bowl MVP, 32TDs, 21INTs

    They both have very similar yardage (B-5,949, M-5,679) and completion percentage (B-62.3, M-63.2).

    Brady is two slight letdowns away from 5 SB titles. Manning lost his other decisively. Add to that 2 out of the last 3 years the Pats fell short in playoff upsets after dominating the AFC all season. They have been atop the food chain throughout Brady's career. Sure, Cassell stepped in and had a good season when Brady was hurt. If it were Brady's stats that Cassell put up that year, it would be Brady's 8th best season. Cassell's season was good, not great. They didn't make the playoffs. It was one of only two good seasons that Cassell ever had and he's now a terrible QB. But he did come up huge for the Pats in Brady's absence. They didn't make the playoffs though, so how's that not missing a beat?

    In the seasons each player was hurt, the Patriots defense ranked 8th in points allowed while the Colts ranked 28th. Let's consider that just a bit. Not to mention, the three QBs that stepped in for Manning were awful that season and the offense was in the bottom 5 in the league I believe in points and yardage. We really can't use their absence as an indicator of what they mean to their teams when the remaining players that actually played those seasons fared so differently between the two.

    Brady is 9-4 vs Manning head-to-head. Brady is 136-39 (78%) in the regular season to Manning's 154-70 (69%). Brady 17-7 (71%) in playoffs to Manning's 9-11 (45%).

    How much other compelling info do you want?
    Wow Emass,You should really got some more sleep.Peyton or Brady.Ginger or Mary Ann?Both are great.There is only one position in the Nfl where you can say this guy was the best of all timeand that would be Jerr Rice.All other discussions are debatable.
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