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    ShortBoard size suggestions

    for a rider who is 6'3 and 200lbs what lengh and thickness should the shortboard at minimum be?

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    where you plan on using this surf craft? the pipe line? the atlantic? that may help. also are you sure you will ever surf since you are from amish country? you might (and this is just a suggestion) want to save for a horse.



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    lets see im from the east coast. so im gonna guess the big ocean to the east is the atlantic. just need something for those big days where my fish is just alittle to big

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    bahhaha horsies roflplane... get it wide and thick.. is what i heard her say one time in the past.. but for real, smallest id say 6'0 for you and get it wide and thick cause your pretty big.. dont want to be sinking it if its too small.. just my suggestion and i know nothing

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