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    I am tired of Surfing mag taking cheap shots at virginia beach locals, but i can see why they do. Sure we don't get the best waves on the east coast, and the summer sucks balls, but once every blue moon, we get some decent waves. And another thing. Not all of us "VB kooks" go down to hatteras and surf S-turns or the light house. There are tons of other breaks down there, there is no need to crowed up the local breaks. And to all you fellow "virginia beach locals", we are getting a bad reputation all up and down the east coast. How would you feel if a bunch of kooks paddled out at 1st street, where you have been surfing you whole life, and started taking your waves. Its already crowded enough. All im sayin is, that when you leave flat ass virginia beach to surf go surf somewhere else, remember that you are "visiting" and you don't run ****. You are a "Virginia Beach local". To the locals in Hatteras, you might as well be riding a foam board in the shorebreak. I go down to hatteras with my buddies all the time, but we find other, uncrowded breaks. Why drive 3 hours to surf a crowded break??? It just makes no sense.

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    ya man i hear you. Drive on the beach and find your own sandbar. thats what i did last time me and some friends went and it was real fun.

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    I used to live in KDH, and actually was went from sales associate to manager in the t20 years I was employed there. I met so many good local folks it was insane. I still dealt with alot of punks in the water. It doesn't matter where you surf, if you are with a crew at least you have that comfort. I would surf S-Turns or the tower or the boiler form time to time just so I could paddle out with my fellow employees, or just my boys. When I was on a mission with my girl, or one of my boys, we would go to our "personal honey holes" and enjoy the sweet nectar of a private peak. I fuggin' love surfing Pea Island homies!

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    I meant 2 years not t20 what is this the future or something.

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    You have some good advice in there. Not quit sure what set you off on this rant but you have some good points. I only surf Hatteras (family has a beach house there and I go all the time) and usually give every person in the lineup 3 waves for every one wave I get. I generally find that OBX locals are way nicer than the tourists visiting. The only local trouble I have ever encountered was in Hawaii, and Fenwick Island in DE.

    It's definitely a give and take activity. There are plenty of waves for everyone. What annoys me is that usually people snake you more when the waves suck, which I don't get. When the waves are good, I see people cheer for strangers, but when its crap, everyone has a chip on their shoulder. It's just something that comes with the territory. There are jerks in everything you do, sports, work, driving, etc.

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    what set me off on the rant, was a comment made in the new surfing mag in the article about "new localism" or something like that, and there was one in surfer awhile ago, something about have virginia tags

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    I see. Well, perhaps it will help scare people away when they are planning their surf get-aways.

    See, there is a positive spin on everything if you look hard enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckinVA View Post
    There are jerks in everything you do, sports, work, driving, etc.


    Be fair and take turns everyone is cool. Be a scumbag and snake the inside, you get whats coming to you. I live in VA Beach now so am I technically a "local?"..... who the hell knows. What I do know is even when I am sponging, people are decent when you give them respect. When the waves are good theres no excuse to be an ass no matter what you are floating on.